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Release Date: 12.19.23 from LCP (indie press)

A Bulgarian-inspired, dark fantasy, dual-timeline romance that dives into the complicated life of Queen Resha as she comes to terms with the assassination of her family, the nuclear bombing of her capitol, and her battles with mental illness. Expect magical tattoos, steamy royal intrigue, and intrusive memories that will rip your heart out.

TW: Violence, Death, Grief, Mental Illness (depression, intrusive thoughts, suicidal ideation, post-traumatic stress), Pregnancy Loss, Graphic Sexual Scenes, Smoking, Substance Abuse.

Huge, heartfelt shout-out to Mars for this commission of my Cruel Hiraeth characters. You can find him on twitter @mmarsloud. 


Vengeance in the Moonlight Playlist

There's a plot. I swear.

Enjoy this playlist, featuring dark and passionate hits by Taylor Swift, Bebe Rexha, Kim Petras, Halsey, Scvrina, and several others.

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