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Blood in the
Tea Leaves

Four women. One life-altering kettle of tea.

Marie is a woman sold into a loveless marriage in a 1700’s, second-world France. Under the close tutelage of the esteemed Lady Colette Valand, Marie has sewn a small corner of life for herself in their little town in the country-side. She even manages to find love and companionship in a secret affair with a prostitute, Alice. Lady Colette has a few secrets of her own, and they all come to light on one fateful night, when their bodies and futures are forever changed by a mysterious tin of tea leaves.

Dive back into the vampire lore first brought to you by “Beneath the Bloody Aurora” and experience the turn that started it all.

Content Warning

Blood in the Tea Leaves is an erotic WLW romance, and is intended only for mature audiences. In addition to graphic sexual content, this novella addresses traumas that may be sensitive to some readers.

A list of content warnings has been provided below. Please take care.


Explicit Sexual Content





Theme of/References to Child Death​

Mention of Rape

Mention of Domestic Abuse

Kidnapping of a Child

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