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For years, Sia’s lived in the gnashing forest, dodging her father’s bounty hunters and ignoring the nameless magic in her veins she struggles to control. When she receives a concerning letter from an old lover, she returns to the coast she used to call home, within reach of her family, her father’s magical city hovering above the smog-infested land, and the arranged marriage waiting there for her. The smog is not somewhere Sia wants to linger—it’s noxious and filled with rebels, witches, and other humans that become walking corpses when they die. But what was intended to be a brief visit turns into a death-bed promise anchoring Sia to the coast for the foreseeable future when she agrees to look after her first love’s human child.


The thing with promises is: Sia can’t break them. No seraph can. 


While torn between the complex feelings she’s developing for the widower of her first love and her own grief, Sia concerns herself with the string of dismembered corpses cropping up along the coast and the strange detective involved who can’t seem to leave her alone. As the desperate undead loom closer and closer to the child she’s sworn to protect, Sia races to find the killer responsible for creating them. She needs to figure it out quickly, or she may run out of time and fall right into her father's clutches.

Content Warnings

  • Death

  • Violence/Battle

  • Blood and Gore

  • Animal Death (horse)

  • Explicit Sexual Content

  • Emotional Manipulation

  • Manipulation Through Sex

  • Mention of Childhood Abuse & Neglect

  • Mention of Dead Parent

The Seldom Wings Playlist

Join Sia on her journey of grief, hope, and the dark side of family ties.

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