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Published by Lake Country Press

Clio Farren is a bride in pursuit of the perfect venue for her wedding. More than that, she’s searching for answers concerning her best friend’s sudden death a year ago. She believes Raðljóst Manor holds the key to figuring it out. When Clio shuts herself in with the owner during an Arctic freeze, she unravels more secrets than she expected to in both Nikolai’s manor and mind. 

Nikolai Trousseau is an unlucky soul, bound to Earth for eternity after drinking a noxious tea millennia ago. He runs a hotel in the Arctic, where polar night liberates him three months each year. With his stash of demon blood running out and a beautiful, uniquely-scented woman poking around his manor, he may discover more thrumming through her veins than he

bargained for.

Dear Reader,

Beneath the Bloody Aurora is a fictitious representation of the religious trauma and other abuse I experienced (and often witnessed) in my formative years. As such, there are themes explored in the story that may be sensitive to some readers. I have listed them below (spoiler warning). My hope is that this story makes those who have gone through similar experiences feel seen and understood, but please…

don’t hesitate to put your mental well-being first. 

Much love, 


Content Warnings (contains spoilers):

Explicit Sexual Content

Religious, Emotional, and Physical Abuse


Animal Death (polar bears)

Attempted Assault

Alcohol Use


Mention of Suicide

Brief Mention of Food/Weight

What people are saying about BTBA...

4.5 Stars

"It was touted as having vampires, slow burn romance and a library. And oh man did it deliver!
I definitely recommend this book for anyone wanting a pseudo gothic romance with supernatural elements."

5 Stars

"If you like Arctic/ snowy atmospheres, characters with lots of secrets and heartache, and a book that will keep you up reading way, way past your bedtime, I can't recommend this enough!"

5 Stars

"A unique fantasy romance with a dash of spice, a lot of tension and blindingly beautiful scenery."

Beneath the Bloody Aurora's Playlist

Will Clio ever leave the manor? Does she want to?

Enjoy the chilling hits of Halsey, Hailee Steinfeld, june, and more.

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