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November 2023

"We are all starving hearts."


Viola is a sea witch jealously cursed by Triton, King of the Ocean. Cast aside from the glittering city of Atlantis, she starves for power and a real life above the surface—two hungers her curse will never allow her to satiate. She patrols the sea she's claimed for her own and the nearby human city, feeding on unjust men and oceanfolk alike.


When she meets Aric, Triton's firstborn son and heir to the throne, she decides to forge her own future from his suffering. She could finally be free of her curse... if she can only manage to trick the heartless siren out of his soul.

Dive into this gender-bent, dark fantasy little mermaid retelling set in a gothic, Italian-inspired world.

CW: Graphic Violence, Death, Torture, Graphic Sexual Content, Dubious Consent, Knife Play, Blood/Gore, Bondage, Alcohol Use, Suicidal Thoughts, Mention of Childhood Abuse, Mention of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Song of Dark Tides Playlist

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